General Secretary PBOI

Sunil is the founding member of PBOI, which was launched with his vision of giving international exposure to deserving Indian boxers. PBOI (founded in 2014) has undertaken the task of making India a force to reckon with in the world of international professional boxing. India has plenty of talented boxers who have the drive, skill and determination to compete in the international arena but for various reasons are not able to make it to the Olympics or Asian Games squad and Sunil believes that such boxers too can have a rewarding professional career.

He has been instrumental in setting up the professional boxing ecosystem in India. What started as a small step from Yamuna Nagar in Haryana has now become the blazing beacon for professional boxing in India.

Sunil himself has been a national level boxer and has dedicated his life to creating a future for Indian boxers. He lives by the saying- " It’s not just about who throws a hard punch, it's about who stands undefeated after taking the blow & marks the win."